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How to Improve the Value of your Parc Reston Condo

Spring time is approaching, and the prime time to list your condo is just around the corner! If you plan to sell, here are 10 ways to improve the market value of your Parc Reston Condo, without breaking the bank...

  1. Laminate Wood Flooring: Consider installing a laminate or engineered hardwood floor throughout your condo. I have seen prices as low as $1/sqft at Costco for a color called Sunset Acadia. This is cheaper than most carpets, more durable, and is an eye catcher for potential buyers.

  2. New Doors: I recommend replacing the original Parc Reston interior doors with new 6-panel slab interior doors. (Especially when it comes to that old accordion style door between the kitchen and the washer/dryer room).

  3. Crown Molding: Adding crown molding can add a layer of sophistication which can signal luxury, and potentially increase demand for your home.

  4. Kitchen Backsplash: I would install a neutral tile backsplash in the kitchen. Avoid anything too bold and colorful, as it might turn off buyers.

  5. Granite Countertops: When they were first installed, the black granite countertops were not sealed properly. There are a lot of pale white stains on the countertops which are not aesthetically appealing. I would suggest getting these stains out and re-sealing before listing.

  6. Blinds: Wooden blinds in the bedrooms and bright white vertical blinds in the family room look much better than the original ones. Easy to install, and not too expensive.

  7. Paint: Make sure your paint is a neutral color. Maybe throw in an accent wall or two. Also, get a good bright white paint for the ceilings.

  8. Appliances & Light Fixtures: Probably not a bad idea to replace appliances to put the new buyer at ease so they don't have to worry about maintaining older appliances. The original appliances were installed in 2005. That puts the age at 12 years.. Average life of appliances is 10-15 years. The light fixtures, especially the one in the dining area and kitchen can be replaced.

  9. Wine Rack: You'd be surprised, but small improvements like installing a wall wine rack can go a long way when showing your home. Anything to make the potential buyer feel more at home when touring your listing is a plus.

  10. Balcony: From a staging perspective, try to avoid clutter. A small outdoor table with 1 potted flower plant would look good.

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