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2457 Freetown Dr. Investment Analysis

I toured this property with a client of mine this morning. The owner has resided in the property for the past 25 years and is looking to sell the home as-is. That being said, this is a fixer-upper type property that needs a good amount of renovation to bring it up to market value. It was originally listed for $525k in December of 2016 and was recently reduced to $500k.

After pulling 6 months of sales data of homes in the same general location, I ran a quick analysis based solely on $/sqft (to get a ballpark estimate of value shown below).


As you can see, a quick estimate shows that this property is overvalued. Moreover, this analysis doesn't account for the $50k+ of renovations that need to be included in order to more accurately compare against these recent sales.

If you would like to tour this property, or other properties similar to it, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I would be happy to assist you in your home/investment property search.



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